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AfroX airdrop event

Complete 10 simple steps to get 10m/100m AfroX

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We are Giving Away

Massive 1trillion $afrodex Giveaway To Celebrate Our 1 Year Anniversary.

From when our bounty referral/task Robot will be up till January 3rd, 2020 or till 100,000 people claim, whichever comes first ...

100,000 people will qualify for a minimum of 10m $AfroDex Token (with task only), maximum of 100m $AfroDex Token (with task + referrals).

Task to qualify:

  • 1. Join our telegram community
  • 2. Create AFTX Robot wallet
  • 3. Follow our founder's Twitter
  • 4. RT pinned post
  • 5. Make new tweet + tag 5 friends
  • 6. Like our Facebook
  • 7. Follow our medium
  • 8. Follow on LinkedIn
  • 9. Subscribe to our founder's YouTube
  • 10. Follow our partner Instagram page

Each task gives you 1m $AfroDex Tokem

Referral gives you 1m $AfroDex Token per referral. Maximum payable 90 Referrals per account. Bot or self referral will amount to disqualification.

How to Join AfroDex Airdrop

Step by Step AfroDex Airdrop Guide

AfroDex Labs Exchange
AfroDex Labs Exchange
AfroDex Labs Exchange