AFDLT (AfroDex Lab Token) is the token symbol of African Decentralised Exchange Labs ecosystem. The tokens are offered by AfroDex Labs and, it is an erc20 compliant token. All of the tokens are pre-mined, token burn is enabled.
AfroDex will guide and facilitate the launch and development of your blockchain company or idea on the ERC20 Ethereum Network. In addition, AfroDex also offers an opportunity for diversification by offering access to a myriad of other blockchain based products which promote mass adoption on the Ethereum Network (Please refer to the Whitepaper for our full product portfolio).
ADFTL token holders can also benefit by using their tokens to access and transact on the various AfroDex Labs product/platforms. For example, listing or integration of another token on our platform etc.
A strong product ecosystem is key for long term growth; this is why AfroDex Labs offers a multi-product ecosystem. As a result, AfroDex Labs offers 10 different products (described elsewhere in the FAQ section).. Despite being an African bred entity, it is also important to note that there are more than 1 billion people in the African region. Therefore, ADFTL aims to drive mass adoption on Ethereum Network globally. Thus, our supply offers an opportunity for everyone to be part of our ecosystem globally.
AfroDex Labs is using the Ethereum Network as result of increasing development within the decentralized application (DApps) market and the benefit of using smart contracts. Through the Ethereum Network, AfroDex aims to tap into this market to solve various regional and blockchain industry challenges.
AfroDex offers a simple KYC process done through OTP on your mobile phone, biometrics, or OTP through Telegram.
A total of 300 trillion AFDLT, which account for 30% of the total supply, will be made available via exchanges. Entry price is very decentralized, depends on what the community wants AfroDex to be sold at exchanges.
For details about minimum purchase limits, kindly refer tothe exchange website.
To expand our users and investor community, AFDLT will reward members who join the AFDLT platform. An airdrop of 10 million AFDLT will be given to everyone who joins and complete all listed tasks on the platform. These tasks include following AfroDex Labs on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. In addition, community members who do first trades on the AfroDex exchange or on Telegram Bot will also be compensated. For additional AfroDex Labs Token join our bounty partner
We do not speculate on the price of AFDLT.
The supply will be reduced as there will be periodic burn of tokens. 25% of every transaction or listing or subscription fee generated on the AfroDex ecosystem will be burnt.
AfroDex Labs Token (AFDLT) is the primary basic currency Ethereum (ETH) & USD Tether (USDT) are the secondary basic currency.
We will by default integrate Binance (BNB), Atomic Wallet (AWC), Dash (DASH), Nobs (NOBS), Freecoin (FREE), Plaascoin (PLAAS), (URA) and (EGY)
The unsold AFDLT tokens will be kept in reserve, some burnt, future burns to be decided by management in future.
AFDLT will be listed on different exchanges right away. It can be traded on 5 exchanges as of the last update to this FAQ and have applied on more exchanges.
Yes. The labs will keep developing better technologies on erc20 protocol.The Lab will also assist young projects or institutions or corporate and government bodies on research and development that are geared towards mass adoption.
Since cryptocurrencies hit the scene a question has loomed: Are virtual currencies subject to both the Securities and Exchange Acts? Unfortunately, the question is not easily answerable. Technically, no; officials have yet to brand digital currencies as securities. However, they have deemed certain cryptocurrency investment vehicles to be securities. The difference is razor thin, but crucial. It is very important to note that AfroDex Labs Token is a utility token for the AfroDex ecosystem.
Knighting cryptocurrencies as securities would mutate the virtual money market — maybe even annihilate it. Why? The SEC would likely force stakeholders & miners to register as traders or investment brokers. Plus, the currencies would be inherently subject to regulations delineated in the Securities and Exchange Acts. Bad future, but most likely not going to happen.
Though the Commission has successfully acted against investment vehicles that leveraged digital funding, the SEC has yet to bring an action against a cryptocurrency merely for being a cryptocurrency.
The answer to both those questions is “yes.” Yes, blockchain technology is incredibly secure — thanks to its decentralized structure that withstands the Byzantine fault tolerance test. And yes, hacking is a problem in the cryptocurrency community. Parties are looking to exploit software vulnerabilities — not in blockchain itself, but in the software programs created on top of blockchain. One famous cryptocurrency hack resulted in a $50 million theft, resulting in a controversial hard fork of the Ethereum platform. However, AfroDex is built on Ethereum erc20 protocol which has military grade security.
AfroDex Blockchain technology allows for “smart contracts,” which are essentially automatic digital agreements built on top on Ethereum. It allows for instant transfer of digital assets from one wallet to another.
As the world becomes more connected, some fiat currencies are in a state of flux. Moreover, the digitalization of communication and commerce naturally gives way to the inevitability of a virtual, decentralized, universal currency. Everyone would need a currency that is 100% borderless and trustless.