About Afrodex
  1. Token Name: AfroDex
  2. Token Symbol: AfroX
  3. Initial Supply: 700,000,000,000,000
  4. Token Contract: 0x08130635368AA28b217a4dfb68E1bF8dC525621C
  5. Utility: Paid Listing/ Token Delisting by un-voting by community

AfroDex Labs is a corporation which serves as a blockchain tech, launchpad, incubator & accelerator focused on developing & deploying free or affordable technologies for easier Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens mass adoption. AfroX is the World’s First Consensus Governed Token Allowing Users to 'WILL' or 'STAKE' or 'UNSTAKE' and 'VOTE' proudly made with from Africa.

  1. Token Name: AfroDex Labs Token
  2. Token Symbol: AFDLT
  3. Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
  4. Token Contract: 0xD8a8843b0a5aba6B030E92B3F4d669FaD8A5BE50
  5. Utility: Paid Listing/ Token Listing voting by community

AfroX & AFDLT will not be available on crowdsale. But they're available on private purchase for professional investors. In order to prevent possible crowd dump or centralization of tokens, the maximum investment threshold will be determined. We invite potential investors to pass the Investors to apply. For more details contact us via hello@afrodexlabs.com


The majority of the operations are being handled directly on the blockchain. Most importantly, a trader never has to let go of the ownership of their tokens, enabling the whole system to deal with money transfers and execute trades in a trustless manner.

AfroDex Advantages

Funds are kept in Smart contract linked to the users account; therefore the user is the only person who has access of funds. That makes a AfroDex more resistant to hacking than a centralized exchange.

AfroDex operates through a variety of nodes, so there is no server which can go down or get hacked.

AfroDex provides a higher degree of privacy, because there is no data shared with the exchange operator.

The users keep control of their funds in their own account.